Friday, May 2, 2008

50 Book Challenge

This is a challenge to myself to read 50 books in 2008. I got the idea off of a Librarything group. Some people can read 100 books or more in a year. I really have no idea hpw many books I usually read in a year. I'm not sure I'll make it to 50 either, because I've only read 16 so far. But I'll try to catch up some. I'll post my progress over on the side of the page.

Here's a description from the Librarything group.

50 Book Challenge

Welcome one and all! What is 50 Book Challenge?

50 Book Challenge is a way to track and share the books you read
throughout the year. Some people also choose to set personal goals to read more
books, or more non-fiction, or more new books. The point is that it's up to you
what you want to do.

Do I have to read 50 books? What if I read less/more/long books/etc? Can I
include kids' books/comic books/picture books/etc?

Read as few or as many books as you want - 50 is just a suggestion.
Some people also track the number of pages they read, particularly if they're
reading a lot of longer books this year. One way of finding a number of pages
for the challenge is to multiply the number of (shorter) books you might have
read by 300 (e.g. 50 x 300 = 15,000 pages).You can include (or exclude) any
types of books you want (including but not limited to rereads, graphic novels,
comic books, audiobooks, and kids' books). Same goes for including reviews,
ratings, or summaries, tagging your books, and using a progress meter (such as this or this) - do it
if you want to, don't do it if you don't.

Your Challenge year doesn't have to start January 1!

If you don't remember everything you've read since the beginning of the
year, you can start your year when you join and keep track until this time next

So I challenge you to make your own challenge!

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