Friday, June 27, 2008

A Little Late... "Tuesday" Thingers

Sorry this is late! This has been a hectic week as my daughter was in the hospital so I'm just catching up.

Last week I asked what was the most popular book in your library- this week I'm going to ask about the most unpopular books you own. Do you have any unique books in your library- books only you have on LT? How many? Did you find cataloging information on your unique books, or did you hand-enter them? Do they fall into a particular category or categories, or are they a mix of different things? Have you ever looked at the "You and none other" feature on your statistics page, which shows books owned by only you and one other user? Ever made an LT friend by seeing what you share with only one other user?

I don't own any books that no one else owns. I have one book that myself and one other user owns. It's "The Belles of Charleston". You can find my review of it on this blog and LT. The cataloging info was already entered on that book.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed this! I'm only getting to it Lol, just in time for the next tuesday thingers. Never heard of 'the belles of charleston'. I'll have to check out your review!

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Anonymous said...

Kimberly -- I hope your daughter is doing well!

I have 3 books unique to me in my LT library (2 related to teaching reading/literacy)

I share 2 books with just one othr person: one is a joke book, the other is a mixed drink recipe collection